Applying for a position at Skyworks is easy; you simply need to select Careers on the tool bar. You will then be taken to our careers landing page where you can select from a number of career disciplines, from engineering to operations. Once you have selected your career discipline, you can search the various available positions and then apply.

If you are new to our career site, you will need to create an account. Once you have completed the steps to create an account, you can create your online profile and apply to your selected position. You are free to attach a resume or any other supporting documentation. If you are a returning applicant, you just need to type in your user name and password in order to apply for a position.

Once in the system, our recruiters will review your profile to determine if you meet the requirements and specifications of the position. If there seems to be a match, a phone screening may take place to explore your experience in more detail.

If you are selected for an interview, you will be provided with confirmation of the location, date and time, as well as an expected length of the interview process. Once selected for an interview, you will receive an email from our career center inviting you to complete our online application.

You will meet with a number of individuals who are considered part of the interview team. The team generally consists of human resources, the hiring manager, potential peers and often internal customers. An HR representative will coordinate the interview arrangements, including any travel or area overviews for candidates who are not considered local.

Once you have completed the interview process, you will be notified by human resources of the outcome. Candidates who are selected for positions at Skyworks will need to have successfully completed a background check and pre-employment drug screen.

Helpful Interviewing Hints

Skyworks is thrilled that you are interested in becoming part of our team. We strongly believe that interviewing is a two-way process. The interview provides a chance for Skyworks to obtain more information about your skills, experience and career goals. The process also provides you a chance to learn more about Skyworks and the position you are pursuing. You are encouraged to ask questions about the company, the position, the culture and the general work environment.

Since the interview is a very important meeting for you and Skyworks, we would like to provide some helpful hints to assist you through this process.

Research the company so you can prepare your list of questions for the interviewers
Make sure that you dress appropriately
Arrive on time, allowing for traffic, and, if you do not know the area, finding the location
Bring extra copies of your resume
Familiarize yourself with the interview agenda
Be prepared to support your listed accomplishments with specific information and details
Focus on your accomplishments and achievements relevant to the position for which you are interviewing
Listen carefully to each question and make sure that you stay on point with your answer; make sure that you provide direct answers, if you don't understand the question, ask the interviewer to repeat or restate it
Ask about the next steps in the interview process
Thank the interviewer for his or her time
Request a business card

We hope your interview process with Skyworks is a pleasant experience

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (often referred to as IP) is the legally recognized exclusive rights to creations of the mind: inventions and literary and artistic works. In our industry, this includes patents for inventions, designs, trade secrets and trademarks, for example.

Skyworks expects all candidates to safeguard all information that could reasonably be considered Intellectual Property (IP) or proprietary information owned by their current or former employer.

In addition, Skyworks requires all candidates to sign an Interview Non-disclosure Statement prior to proceeding through our interview process, in order to ensure that you do not share any information that is obtained during the process.