Skyworks' University Relations program develops and maintains relationships with colleges and universities across the United States. The Company participates in on-campus recruitment events including information sessions and career fairs, hires student interns, and recruits new graduates to fill entry-level positions for all business unit and support organizations.

Skyworks offers unique employment opportunities for students interested in internship, co-op and full-time entry level positions. Our program offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to leverage their academic knowledge in a hands on, applied setting. Our fast paced environment also enables them to collaborate with experts at all levels within the company, and make real-world contributions. Students and recent graduates play an integral role in our success, and are considered valued members of our team!

Skyworks’ internship and co-op programs focus on attracting and retaining the best new talent! We provide students with valuable work experience to enhance their academic coursework and give them insight into a real-world work environment, outside the classroom. Our goal is to ensure students have a successful and enjoyable experience, and in turn, consider joining Skyworks in a regular, full-time position after graduation.

Students who work for Skyworks through our intern and co-op programs are being evaluated for long-term success and future positions within the company. We provide valuable feedback to our students, and encourage the development of both technical and workplace skills.

Skyworks offers full-time entry level positions to candidates who have recently completed (or are near the completion of) their associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. degree.

Our full-time entry level positions enable recent graduates to use their knowledge and skills in an applied setting. Our culture nurtures their existing talents, while developing new ones. We want our employees to leverage their knowledge in a way that will contribute to both their personal success, and the success of Skyworks! Our fast-paced environment will give recent graduates the ability to get their career up and running!